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You know you should be eating healthier meals, and you want to feel better about the food you feed yourself and your family.

But it's hard to find time to plan, right?

Especially when we’re talking about incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your family’s diet. I mean, why buy a bunch of produce that’s going to wilt too fast in the fridge when that late meeting sends you wheeling through the McDonald’s drive-through once again? 

You’re busy. It’s not your fault your schedule makes it hard to predict whether or not you’ll be able to cook on any given day.


Plus let's talk about how much fresh food costs...

It’s too risky to waste bank at the grocery store on ingredients you might never get around to using… before they turn into a fuzzy science experiment in the back of the produce drawer.

I get it. Life is stressful. And when we’re stressed, we want GOOD food. 

I know how it feels to crave convenient, comforting meals and snacks… and to shove down those nagging fears that your family health history might catch up to you soon. Mine includes heart disease, diabetes, and weight struggles. I lived under that shadow for 40 years.

Until I decided enough was enough.


I wanted my health back. I wanted my time back. And I wanted to honor God with my physical body.

I wanted to get in shape so I could gain enough youthful energy to be active with my kids, go on college visit road trips, shop for wedding dresses with my daughter, and someday chase my grandbabies around the yard.

Do you want that, too?

What we eat makes a difference in how we feel. And how we live.

And I’m going to make it a no-brainer for you to eat better. 

So you can LIVE better.

Because you’re worth it.

What if taking control of your health could be simple and easy?
With the Veganish Cookbook, you'll have everything you need to:

Prepare healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen

You really CAN eat nutrient-rich and delicious meals on the run. The Veganish Cookbook will show you how to make meal prep fast, simple, and (believe it or not) actually fun!

Stock your pantry with nutritious staples that won't go to waste 

No fuzzy fridge drawers here. You'll learn how easy it is to actually EAT (rather than waste) a variety of produce and protein sources so you'll never have to feel guilty again.

Ward off hereditary diseases through plant-based eating

Say goodbye to those fears of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Veganish eating can help mitigate your risk for numerous lifestyle-induced conditions.


Your cookbook inspires me to be more creative. You give a lot of options. Your presentations are clear and the general information is so helpful to a seasoned cook or to a beginning cook. It is be really, useful. I just love it. It's made me so happy.

– Red Stick Farmer's Market Patron

Great for Gifting!

I purchased The Veganish Cookbook as a gift. My sister absolutely loves your cookbook. She loves the recipes and all the inspirational messages on the inside. It was a big hit at Christmas time. 

– Red Stick Farmer's Market Patron

Veganish Cookbook
I've included everything you need to prepare fast, healthy, plant-based meals for the whole family:
The β€œwhy” and β€œwhat” behind plant-based eating

The Veganish Cookbook is so much more than a cookbook! It begins with a robust section all about the science and biblical history behind plant-based eating. You’ll receive a list of suggested staple foods to keep on hand, plus recommended kitchen tools and appliances to make veganish cooking easy and fun.

This section also provides a wealth of detail on how to vary and enhance the flavor of key ingredients including greens, legumes, lentils, tomatoes, apples, eggs, and more. Plus discover handy tips for washing and storing produce, and saving money at the grocery store!

Easy, delicious, family-friendly recipes

Indulge in more than 150 simple yet satisfying recipes and meal ideas bountifully and beautifully based on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. From fast breakfasts, sensational smoothies, and side dishes… to soups, sandwiches, salads, hearty main meals… plus crave-worthy veganish snacks and sweet treats… no appetite will be denied!

And the best part? Each recipe requires minimal prep time… many as few as five minutes! That means the Veganish Cookbook is an excellent, health-wise solution for busy families with limited time to cook.

Biblically sound approach to preparing and enjoying wholesome food

The Veganish Cookbook is based on the Bible truth that our bodies were made by a loving God, and bought at a price by our merciful Savior.

Food is His gift to us, and we were created to enjoy it!

When we consume food the way God made it, we care for our bodies as an act of worship back to Him. Throughout this book you’ll find biblically sound encouragement for celebrating food that’s good FOR you and good TO you.


As a chef I have to be caught up on new and fresh along with the old style of cooking/creating. I am a connoisseur of good cooking and cookbooks that teach me what I think I know, don’t know, and have forgotten.

Nettyes cookbook is is refreshing and has that new itch and creativity that the culinary field has been needing for years.

When a lot of us hear “Vegan” we think of bland and/or tasteless and what we need to understand is that plant-based foods have flavor. I love the fact that your recipes concentrate on flavor, not salt - on freshness not the fresh-less.

As a chef I’m proud to have your book in my collection to reference.

Charles Wilford, Sr. 
The Bistreaux, Executive Chef and Owner


Hi, I'm Nettye.

Veganish eating changed my life and my legacy.

I have a long history of overweight.

For decades I exercised, dieted, detoxed… you name it, I did it. Weight always came off and always came back.

I yo-yoed, struggled and was on course for diabetes and heart disease that predominates my family health tree.

In my forties, I stopped struggling and surrendered my physical health efforts to God.

My eating shifted from whatever diet was popular at the time, to honoring God with my food choices and eating foods close to the way God put them here for us.

Almost a decade ago, my food philosophy evolved into faith-focused, plant-based real food eating I call veganish.

Thanks to Veganish eating...

I went down two additional dress sizes (to a size I never wore and never thought I would).

My weight STABILIZED comfortably in the healthy BMI range (a status I insisted was not realistic for me as a Black woman).

My blood pressure, glucose, A1C, and total cholesterol levels went down (praise God for consistently healthy exam and lab results).

My confidence and comfortability in my skin went up. (This is hard to quantify, but I feel it and am grateful for the change.)

Our children eat well. Veganish cooking shifted their palettes and preferences. They value and enjoy real food. I’m incredibly grateful that the legacy of childhood overweight and related conditions does not impact them. 

Veganish eating is not about reshaping your body or fitting in with a trending fad.

It is about reshaping your relationship with food for healthy living and legacy. 

It’s about regarding food as an enjoyable gift from God. 

It’s about seeing and being thankful for His hand of provision with each meal, and honoring Him in how you feed/fuel/care for the Holy Spirit’s temple.

If you need to shift your food perspective, you want to explore veganish eating and what that may look like for you (veganish is different for different people), or you are interested in learning how plant-forward eating may benefit you—you are in the right place. 

I’m honored to walk this TempleCare journey with you.  

Let’s get started.

Order the Veganish Cookbook today!



What is Veganish eating?

Not everybody wants to be vegan, but everyone can be Veganish.

With Veganish eating, you don’t have to give up meat. You don’t have to give up eggs or dairy. You don’t even have to give up occasional treats like that fluffy slice of your son’s birthday cake.

Veganish eating is about incorporating more natural plant-based foods into your diet. These include vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. We’re talking about the kind of food you can pull off the vine and pop in your mouth—because God designed it as a source of sustenance from the earth to fuel us and delight us.

My goal for you is to fill at least two-thirds of your plate with plants. And watch how it changes your mood, energy, metabolism, and more.

Here’s the key to understanding Veganish eating. It’s not a program. It’s a lifestyle.

In the Veganish Eating Kit there are no quick fixes, no unattainable promises, and no personal trainer clocking your daily scale digits. You won’t be told to diet for six weeks to achieve a short-term goal… then get cut loose to revert back to old eating habits that lead to weight gain and declining health.

This is about changing your perspective on eating for the long haul… which leads to a healthier life.

Consider this. Strict vegan diets are not necessarily healthier. Vegan rules allow for French fries and Oreos, if we’re simply following the guideline of no animal-based products.

Take it from a girl who used to LOVE me some fries with a side of more fries.

Greasy fried anything is not a healthy staple.

You know what is?

Eating good food the way God made it. Plant-based foods are good for your body, designed to be digestible and filled with the nutrients that help us thrive. Choosing to focus on food that is closer to God’s original provision can help prevent medical issues that develop when we stray from God's design. And for any skeptics out there, I'm happy to say that science actually substantiates what God already provided.

Ultimately, Veganish eating isn’t just about changing your weight or preempting certain medical conditions. It’s about merging your love of food with your love of God. And when you look at it that way, it becomes sustainable for a lifetime.

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More about the author...

Nettye Johnson is a wife, mom, marathoner, author, podcaster, and award-winning speaker/teacher providing science-based, faith-empowered education and resources for productive, balanced and well living. 
Nettye's passion is informing and equipping positive, sustainable change. A degreed and NCHEC credentialed health educator, Nettye also holds multiple health coaching and fitness certifications.
She is the founder of Wellness Applied, a holistic wellness organization that develops and delivers curated health education and programming to congregations, corporations and community groups. Healthy weight management and self-care strategies are areas of specialty. 
Nettye  is a Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader. She  also serves as National Physical Fitness Coordinator of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. H.O.P.E. HHS Partnership. 
Nettye lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana with her husband and their two children. 
Refuse to live beneath your God-given potential. 
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